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50 years of the German D-Mark. Monetary Statistics from 1948 to 1997

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  • Deutsche Bundesbank
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    On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the currency reform and of the introduction of the German D-mark on 20th June 1948, the German Bundesbank – in its function as central bank and bank of issue of the Federal Republic of Germany – presented long series of monetary statistics in 1998. In approximately 1,400 data charts, extensive information about the development of the German finance and banking industry, the capital market, and the foreign trade relations are given. In total, approximately 25,000 time series about the following core subjects were collected: general overviews of banking statistics, bank of issue, credit institutions, minimum reserves, interest rates, statistics of exchange rates, capital market, public finances, foreign trade, macroeconomic capital finance accounts and annual accounts of West German companies. Factual classification of the tables in HISTAT: A. Selected data regarding the economic development A.1 Monetary development A.2 Population and labour market A.3 Macroeconomic production and demand A.4 Prices and wages A.5 Distribution of the national income and incomes of the private households B. Foreign trade (currently not completed in HISTAT; access to the subjects B2, B3, B4, B7 see below) B1. Foreign debts and liabilities of domestic companies B.2 Foreign debts and liabilities of the credit institutions B.3 Foreign cross ownerships of German companies B.4 Regional balances of payment B.5 State of assets compared to other countries B.6 Balance of payments B.7 Additional specifications regarding the balance of payments B.8 Foreign payments by the German Bundesbank Any data including a differentiation of countries (EU countries, other industrialised countries, some developing countries, countries of the off-shore finance centres, OPEC countries, reform countries) are currently only available by placing an order with the ZHSF Data Service (ordering address see below) C. General overviews of bank statistics C.1 Consolidated balance of the banking system, assets C.2 Consolidated balance of the banking system, liabilities C.3 Cash circulation C.4 Development of money supply in connection with the balance C.5 Money demand of the Central Bank D. Exchange rate statistics D.1 External value indeces D.2 Exchange rates at the Frankfurt stock exchange D.3 Values of the ECU D.4 Values of the extra educational law E. Macroeconomic capital finance account E1. Domestic financial sectors E2. Domestic non-financial sectors E3. Other countries F. Annual accounts of West German companies F.1 All German companies F.2 Building industry F.3 Clothing trade F.4 Chemical industry F.5 Retail industry (incl. automobile trade and service stations) F.6 Electrical engineering F.7 Power and water supply F.8 Food industry F.9 Glas industry, ceramics, processing of stones and earths F.10 Wholesale trade and trade negotiations F.11 Production of rubber and plastic goods F.12 Production of automobiles and automobile parts F.13 Production of metal goods F.14 Timber industry F.15 Engineering F.16 Medical, measurement, driving and control technology F.17 Metal production and metal working F.18 Paper industry F.19 Textile industry F.20 Manufacturing industry F.21 Transportation (without rail) F.22 Publishing and printing G. Capital market (currently not in HISTAT; access see below) G1. Shares of domestic issuers G2. General overviews G3. Exchange transactions, option and future business G4. Domestic capital investment companies G5. Bonds of foreign issuers G6. Bonds of domestic issuers H. Credit institutions (currently not in HISTAT; access see below) H1. Assets H2. Liabilities H3. Assets and liabilities of the foreign branches and foreign subsidiaries of domestic banks H4. Building associations H5. Deposit statistics H6. Deposits and loans H7. profit situation of the banks H8. domestic and foreign debts and liabilities H9. Circulating bearer bonds according to their terms and bank group H10. Loans H11. Savings deposits and savings certificates H12. Savings business turnover according to bank group and endorsed disposals of non-bank financial companies H13. equity stocks and shares I. Minimum reserves (currently not registered in HISTAT; access see below) I.1 Overview I.2 Itemisation according to steps of progression (from March 1977) I3. Itemisation according to reserve classes (until February 1977) I1.1 Reserve stockpiles according to bank group, obligatory reserve liabilities I1.2. Reserve stockpiles according to bank group, Reserve debits I.2 Reserve ratios J. Central bank (currently not registered in HISTAT; access see below) J.1 Assets J.2 Liabilities K. Public finances K.1 Financial development of the public budgeting K1. Public debts L. Interest rates L.1 Money market rates L1. Bank interest rates (currently not registered in HISTAT; access see below).
Temporal Coverage
  • 1948 / 1997
Geographic Coverage
  • Germany (DE)
    Foreign trade and payments, differentiated in: countries of the European Union: totalling, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, United Kingdoms, Italy. Other industrilized countries: totalling, Japan, Switzerland, USA. Developing countries, OPEC-countries, countries of transition. Regional account of payments, differentiated in: developing countries: totalling, developing countries in Africa, America, Asia, and Oceania. Countries of the European Union: totalling, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Finland, France, Greek, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, United Kingdom. Other European industrial Countries: totalling, Norway, Switzerland, Turky. Other not-european industrial countries: Australia, Japan, Canada, USA. Southeast-Asian emerging markets: totally, Singapore, Taiwan. Developing Countries in sparation from DAC. Countries of the Off-Schore-Banking centres. OECD-Countries. OPEC-Countries. Countries of transition: totalling, China. Middle- and easteuropean countries of transition: totalling, Poland, Russia, Ukraina, former Soviet Union, Czech Republik and former Czechoslovakia, Hungary.
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  • ZA8186 (Type: ZA-No.)
  • Deutsche Bundesbank (Hrsg.): 50 Jahre Deutsche Mark. Monetäre Statistiken 1948-1997 auf CD-ROM. München: Verlag Vahlen und C.H. Beck, 1998.

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Deutsche Bundesbank (2004): 50 Jahre Deutsche Mark. Monetäre Statistiken von 1948 bis 1997. Version: 1.0.0. GESIS Datenarchiv. Dataset.