The German and international industrial production between 1860 and 1932

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Dataset : Survey and aggregate data
  • Wagenführ, Rolf
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    • Historical Studies Data
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    The researcher analyzes the progress of the industrial economic development of Germany from 1860 to 1932 ot the basis of empirical material. Using collected statistics and computed indizes he examined wheter the trend of German´s industrial production of goods shows a declining trend of structural nature, or whether the assumption is confirmed that a major upswing is still to come. At first the precise production development with all its structural auxiliary processes is described. After that, the relative development is analysed, in fact by using the industrial development abroad, the development of different induatrial groups, and the development of typical individual industrial goups as standard of comparison. From the entirety of these relations the researcher tries to assess the direction of development of German industry. Importan indizes are as follows: index number of German industrial production from 1913 to 1931 (1928 = 100) Index number of German industrial production from 1860 to 1913 (1913 = 100) and International production figures from 1913 to 1931 (1928 = 100). List of Tables in the search and downloadsystem HISTAT (Historical Statistics, - Development of industrial production in key countries, index (1860-1913) - Index of German industrial production (1860-1913) - Index of German industrial production (1913-1931) - Production and export of German Industry (1913-1931) - International production index (1860-1913) - International production index (1913-1931) Timeseries are downloadable via the online system HISTAT (
Temporal Coverage
  • 1860 / 1932
Geographic Coverage
  • Historical German lands (-1871) (DQDE)
  • German Reich (1871-1945) (DXDE)
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  • Unit Type: Text Unit
    Number of Units: 54
    Number of Variables: 384
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  • ZA8235 (Type: ZA-No.)
  • Wagenführ, Rolf: Die Industriewirtschaft. Entwicklungstendenzen der deutschen und internationalen Industrieproduktion 1860 bis 1932. In: Vierteljahrshefte zur Konjunkturforschung (Hrsg:Institut für Konjunkturforschung), Sonderheft 31. Berlin: Verlag von Reimar Hobbing 1933.

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