Time Series on the Historical Development of the Compulsory Health Insurance from 1885 until 1968

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Dataset : Survey and aggregate data
  • Köhler, Hermann
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    • Historical Studies Data
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    The year 1883 is generally regarded as the year of origin of the compulsory health insurance. The law of 15th June 1883, however, was but a short-term break in a development which had already begun in 1845. In his corresponding study, the author compiles long-term time series on the historical development of the compulsory health insurance between 1885-1968. These data were filtered from sources which have been difficult to access. Thereby the study concentrates on developments concerning the insurants and the health funds (thus the development trends on the medical part, i.e. the aggregates of doctors and the associations of CHI physicians, are not dealt with). Its starting point is an overview on the historical development of the compulsory health insurance in Germany. It can be noted that the first part of the named data collection refers to the aggregate of insurants: due to the extended obligation to take out insurance to an ever larger part of the population, the development as concerns the member structures of the health insurance organisations was influenced considerably. The second part of the study concentrates on the aggregate of the health insurance organisations, and particularly on the rising contribution rates. In the same manner, the total revenues of the health insurance organisations, named “financial value” in this study, are presented. After all, it becomes evident that the expanding obligation of insurance and the steady growth of the corresponding financial values (namely the compulsory insurance limit and the contribution assessment ceiling) have approached each other. As long as these two ceilings have already been existing within the compulsory health insurance system, their level has often been a bone of contention. Within the scope of the study in hand, the author attempts to collect the different scales for the ´calculation´ of the ´correct´ insurance assessment ceiling, and comments on it. Corresponding data tables in the search and downloadsystem HISTAT (Historical Statistics; www.histat.gesis.org): - Increase in membership (1885-1968) - Enhancement of number of insurants (1885-1968) - Labour force participation and membership rate (1885-1968) - Ratio of male to female members (1885-1968) - Ratio of male and female members for the different insurance organisation types (1889-1968) - Expansion of the quaternary sector, exemplified by the per capita expenses of the individual health insurance members for medical goods (1885-1968) - Contribution rates of compulsory members of the health insurance system entitled to claim immediate cash benefits. Absolute figures (1885-1969) - Contribution rates of compulsory members of the health insurance system entitled to claim immediate cash benefits. Series of indices (1885-1937) - Ratio of compulsory insurance limit to cost of living index (1925-1970) - Increase in medical treatment expenses (consultation and visits, extra services, travel expenses) in the private health insurance (1950-1966) - Compulsory insurance limit and cost of living index (1957-1973) - Dependence of the compulsory insurance limit on gross annual earnings (1914-1967) - Development of nominal gross weekly earnings and real gross weekly earnings (1925-1967). Timeseries are downloadable via the online system HISTAT (www.histat.gesis.org).
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  • 1885 / 1968
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  • German Reich (1871-1945) (DXDE)
  • Germany (DE)
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  • ZA8236 (Type: ZA-No.)
  • Köhler, Hermann: Einige langfristige Zeitreihen zur geschichtlichen Entwicklung der gesetzlichen Krankenversicherung. Dissertation, Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaftliche Fakultät der Universität zu Köln, 1969.

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