The funding of economic growth by banks 1850 to 1913

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Dataset : Survey and aggregate data
  • Eistert, Ekkehart
  • Ringel, Jochen
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    • Historical Studies Data
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    In this study the authors describe the interrelationship between the credit-currency of the fiscal institutions and the economic development. National income as well as investments are used as Indicators of economic development. The basis of the analysis are the data of Walther G. Hoffmann (1965). The result is a constantly rising relevance of the fiscal institutions, particularly of the banks. Howerver, there are substantial concern about the applicability of Hoffmann’s data, because an exact analysis needs flow values of the credit-currency. In this study the flow values of the credit currency are calculated and they are compared with the stock-values (Hoffmann-data). Topics (Data-tables in the ZA-Onlinedatabase HISTAT): - In Germany circulating bills of exchange, circulation of bills, bill holdings of commercial banks at the end of the year. - Bill holdings of the commercial banks, commercial bank’s bill holdings share of the average circulation of bills, purchased bills of exchange by the commercial banks. - The commercial banks’, the Reichsbank’s, and the Bank-system’s granting of credit on the basis of purchased bills of exchanges. - New granted Lombardloans and yearly stock of the Reichsbank and the interrelationship between them. - Yearly stock of the commercial banks of Lombardloans, new granted Lombard-loans by the commercial banks and by the banksystem. - Stockvalues and flowvalues of overdraft credits of the commercial banks. - Acquisition of bank credits by means of commercial papers. - Issue- and placement-statistics.
Temporal Coverage
  • 1850 / 1913
Geographic Coverage
  • Historical German lands (-1871) (DQDE)
  • German Reich (1871-1945) (DXDE)
Collection Mode
  • Sources: Die Reichsbank 1876-1925, Berlin. Der Deutsche Oekonomist, Wochenschrift für finanzielle und volkswirtschaftliche Angelegenheiten und Versicherungen, Berlin 1. Jg. (1883), ff (weekly paper for financial and economic affairs and insurances). Used Publications: J. Lienhart, Die Reichsbank von 1876-1933 auf Grund ihrer Bilanzen und Erfolgsrechnungen, Würzburg 1936; S. 216f. H. Kleiner, Emissionsstatistik in Deutschland. In: Münchener Volkswirtschaftliche Studien, Hrsg. L. Brentano und W. Lotz. 131. Stück, Stuttgart und Berlin.
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  • Unit Type: Text Unit
    Number of Units: 63
    Number of Variables: 26
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  • ZA8280 (Type: ZA-No.)
  • Eistert, Ekkehart/Ringel, Jochen: Die Finanzierung des wirtschaftlichen Wachstums durch die Banken 1850 bis 1913. In: Hoffmann, W. G. (Hrsg.): Untersuchungen zum Wachstum der deutschen Wirtschaft. Tübingen: Mohr (Paul Siebeck) 1971, S. 93-165.

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