Economical Timeseries of Vienna, 1945 bis 2001

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Dataset : Survey and aggregate data
  • Weigl, Andreas
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    • Historical Studies Data
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    Timeseries of the Period 1945 – 2001 about the topics - economic structure, economic cycles, business developmet, - production, - services, - labour market, - prices, consumption and income of Vienna. The aim was to cover the entire period under report with timeseries-data. Because of the absence of data or serious fractions of some timeseries this goal could not always be attained. Topics: Data-Tables in HISTAT: A Economic structure, economic cycles, business development A.1.01.a Development of nominal gross-urban-product by industrial sector at market prices 1961-1992 A.1.01.b Development of nominal gross-urban-product by ÖNACE-sections (= austrian nomenclature of economic activities) at market prices 1988-1997 A.1.01.c Development of nominal gruss-urban-product by ÖNACE-sections at cost prices 1995-1998 A.1.02 Workplaces (business companies) by economic classes 1954-1991 A.1.03 Workplaces and employees by industrial sector and urban district 1959-1991 A.1.04 Enterprises in the commercial economy of Vienna 1963-2000 A.1.05 Members of Vienna’s chamber of commerce 1955-2000 A.1.06 Stock corporations based in Vienna 1967-1995 A.1.07 Settlement of companies in Vienna aided by the businessdevelopment-fond 1982-2000 A.1.08.a Insolvencies 1966-1994 A.1.08.b Insolvencies 1995-2000 B Production B.2.01.a Gross-production-values of industry by industrial sectors 1955-1994 B.2.01.b Production-values of industry by sort of production 1995-2000 B.2.02 Index of Vienna’s industrial production 1969-2000 B.2.03 Electricity production and distribution 1946-2000 B.2.04.a Gas distribution system 1946-2000 B.2.04.b Gas consumption 1946-2000 C Services C.3.01 Salesindices of wholsale 1973-1998 C.3.02 Salesindices of retailing 1973-1998 C.3.03 Turnover potential of Vienna’s main shopping streets 1970-1998 C.3.04 Market supply at Viktualien 1945-2000 C.3.05 Tabacco sales 1946-2000 C.3.06 Credit institutions 1967-2000 C.3.07 Visitors’ overnight stays 1948-2000 C.3.08 Arrival of visitors 1948-2000 D Labour market D.4.01 Working population by urban districts and industrial sectors 1954-1991 D.4.02 Commuter-Matrix 1955-1991 D.4.03 Commuter, driving into the city to their workplace (assured at Vienna’s Area Health Insurance Company (“Wiener Gebietskrankenkasse”)) 1986-2000 D.4.04 Changes of the labour supply (Components and their constituent parts) 1971-1991 D.4.05.a1 Employment market, employee 1946-1986 D.4.05.a2 Employment market, registered unemployed 1946-1986 D.4.05.a3 Employment market, Indizes 1946-1986 D.4.05.b1 Employment market, employee and registered unemployed 1987-2000 D.4.05.b2 Employment market, Indizes 1987-2000 D.4.06 Employees by industrial sectors 1955-2000 D.4.07 Employees by nationality 1972-2000 D.4.08.a Mobility: jearly average of standard employment by economic sectors 1972-2000 D.4.08.b Mobility: Leavings from standard emploument by economic sectors 1972-2000 D.4.08.c Mobility-index of standard employment by economic sectors 1972-2000 D.4.09.a Registered unemployed ba age-groups 1960-1986 D.4.09.b Registered unemployed by age-groups 1987-2000 D.4.10 Registered unemployed by duration of registration 1969-1986 D.4.11 Registered unemployed by age-group and duration of registration 1969-1982 D.4.12.a Registered unemployed, male, by age-group and duration of registration, 1987-2000 D.4.12.b Registered unemployed, female, by age-group and duration of registration, 1987-2000 D.4.12.c Total registered unemployed, by age-group and duration of registration, 1987-2000 D.4.13 Registered unemployed by highest education 1987-2000 D.4.14 Unemployment rate by sex and nationality 1991-2000 D.4.15 Unionists 1946-2000 E Preice, consumption and income E.5.01 Consumer-price-index (linked Indices) 1945-2000 E.5.02 Consumer-price-index by consume groups 1948-2000 E.5.03 Wholesale price indices 1947-2000 E.5.04 Building costs indices of domestic buildings 1946-2000 E.5.05 Average prices of selected goods and services 1948-2000 E.5.07.a Gross median income of employee 1962-2000 E.5.07.b Gross median income of employee (relations) 1962-2000 E.5.8.a Quartiles of income, totally 1962-2000 E.5.8.b Quartiles of income, male 1962-2000 E.5.8.c Quartiles of income, female 1962-2000 E.5.9 Earnings and income in industry, business and trade 1962-1999
Temporal Coverage
  • 1945 / 2001
Geographic Coverage
  • Vienna (AT-9)
    Vienna, 1945 to 2001
Collection Mode
  • Sources: Official Statistics: Consumer buying habits, Gross regional product, Tourism, Labour market, Development of commuter potential coming into the city, economic growth. Additional: Microcensus.
Data and File Information
  • Unit Type: Text Unit
    Number of Units: 50
    Number of Variables: 959
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  • ZA8283 (Type: ZA-No.)
  • Weigl, Andreas: Zeitreihen zur Wiener Wirtschaft 1945-2001.Statistische Mitteilungen der Stadt Wien. Heft 2,3/2001.

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