Taxes and government finances during industrialization. England, France, Prussia and the German Empire from 1800 to 1914

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  • Schremmer, Eckart
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    The history of taxation and public finance of major European industrial nations complements and broadens the knowledge about the history of European industrialization. The national budget shows the amount and use of government expenditure and the government revenue used to cover the expenditure in kind and scope. Eckart Schremmer includes in his international comparative study on taxes and national finances during the industrialization of Europe England, France, Prussia and the German Empire between 1800 and 1914. The study is structured in four chapters, each chapter deals with a nation: England, France, Prussia, and the German Empire. The content of the chapters are structured in a similar way, both in text and in the data-tables. The comparative research approach is based on a dense empirical and statistical basis of contemporary statistical quality. The reader gets an impression of the processes of growth and structural change. The data tables in HISTAT are limited to the summary tables containing time series of Prussia and the German Reich. Topics: Datatables in the search- and downloadsystem HISTAT: A. Tax system and national budget in Prussia A.01 Indicatore, figures on public finances, Prussia (1688-1807) A.02 Structure and revenues of the national budget, prussia (1800-1812) A.03 National territory and population of Prussia (1786-1867) A.04 Tax revenues by social classes, Prussia (1822-1847) A.05 Structure of tax revenues, Prussia (1816-1821) A.06 National expeniture of Prussia, net (1821-1850) A.07 State revenues of Prussia, net (1821-1850) A.08 National dept and national income, Prussia (1794-1913) A.09 State revenues Prussia, brute (1847-1870) A.10 State expenditures Prussia, brute (1847-1870) A.11 State revenues Prussia, brute (1875-1913) A.12 State expenditures Prussia, brute (1875-1913) A.13.a Male Pupils by school-type in Prussia, in 1000 (1822-1911) A.13.b Public expenditure on education by school-type, in Million Mark, Prussia (1864-1911) B. The financial system of the German Empire and the relations between the Empire and it´s member states B.01 Labor- and capital income in the German Empire (1874-1914) B.02 Financial compensation between the German Empire and its Memberstates in million Mark (1872-1919) B.03 Dept of the Empire (1877-1914) B.04 Indebtedness of European nation-states in comparison in billion units of the respective State´s currency (1914-1924) B.05 The Indebtedness of the local authorities of the German Empire, in billion mark (1914-1919) B.06 Total expenditure of the German Empire in million mark (1876-1913) B.07 Ordinary and extraordinary expenses of the empire for civilian purposes, in million Mark (1872-1912) B.08 Ordinary revenues of the German Empire in million mark (1872-1913)
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  • 1800 / 1914
Geographic Coverage
  • Historical German lands (-1871) (DQDE)
  • German Reich (1871-1945) (DXDE)
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  • ZA8349 (Type: ZA-No.)
  • Schremmer, E., 1994: Steuern und Staatsfinanzen während der Industrialisierung Europas. England, Frankreich, Preußen und das Deutsche Reich 1800 bis 1914. Berlin u.a.: Springer, S. 110 - 208.

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