Producer prices of industrial products – selected price indices fort he Federal Republic of Germany, 1949 to 2005.

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Dataset : Survey and aggregate data
  • Sensch, Jürgen
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    • Historical Studies Data
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    This data collection presents a summary of selected producer prices of industrial products in the form of long-term overviews. The statistics of the producer prices of industrial products is, as well as the overall official price statistics, focused on the detection of changes in price. Therefore, their main findings are price indices and not average prices. The "index of producer prices for industrial products" measures on a representative basis the average development of effective selling prices of the mining and manufacturing as well as energy and water produced goods, sold on the domestic market (hence the additional term "domestic sales/Inlandsabsatz"). The index of producer prices for industrial products is calculated and published not only as a single row, but also for a large number of commodity groups on different aggregation levels. The applied structural principles of this calculation are since 1985 the so called “Systematic Nomenclature of Commodities for the Production Statistics / Systematisches Güterverzeichnis für die Produktionsstatistik”, to which also the description of the various index positions corresponds. This systematic replaced the older "Systematic of commodities for the industry statistics (WI) of the base years 1976 and 1980. Data tables in the search and downloadsystem HISTAT (topic: foreign trade / Außenhandel): Study descriptions and data descriptions in HISTAT are only available in German. Data Tables in HISTAT: A. Overviews (1950 – 2005) B. Erzeugerpreise gewerblicher Produkte (Inlandsabsatz): Langfristige Übersichten 1938, 1949 – 2005) (Producer prices of industrial products (domestic sales): long-term overviews) C. Übersichten: Lange Reihen (1950 – 2005) (Overviews: long series) D. Zusammengefasste Übersichten für die Basisjahre 1995 und 2000 (1995 – 2005) (consolidated overview, base years 1995 and 2000)
Temporal Coverage
  • 1949 / 2005
Geographic Coverage
  • Germany (DE)
Collection Mode
  • Sources: Publications of the official statistics with descriptions of the producer prices of industrial products (editor = Federal Statistical Office, Wiesbaden). Statistical Yearbooks (Statistische Jahrbücher) of the Federal Republic of Germany. Special volume 17: Prices, issue 2: Prices and Price indices of the industrial products (Fachserie 17, Preise; Reihe 2, Preise und Preisindizes für gewerbliche Produkte - Erzeugerpreise).
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  • Unit Type: Text Unit
    Number of Units: 56
    Number of Variables: 608
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  • ZA8396 (Type: ZA-No.)
  • Sensch, Jürgen, 2010: Erzeugerpreise gewerblicher Produkte, Preisindizes für die Bundesrepublik Deutschland 1949 – 2005. GESIS - Datenkompilation. [Siehe auch die Angaben zu den verwendeten Quellen in der Zeile ‚Quelle’ der Datentabellen.]

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