Academic Career and Family

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Dataset : Qualitative, non-standard or low-standard data material
  • Schürmann, Ramona
  • Sembritzki, Thorben
  • Deutsches Zentrum für Hochschul- und Wissenschaftsforschung (DZHW)
Publication Date
  • Beširović, Adisa (Data Curator)
  • Sembritzki, Thorben (Data Curator)
  • Thiele, Lisa (Data Curator)
  • İkiz-Akıncı, Dilek (Data Curator)
  • FDZ des DZHW (Distributor)
Funding Reference
  • Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)
  • Abstract

    The present study has been conducted as a sub-study of the WiNbus study “Academic Career and Family” within the scope of the project “WiNBus – An Online Panel among Young Academics in Germany” funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The partial study investigated the compatibility of professional career and family life of young academics. The study focused on how conflicts of objectives between professional and private commitment can be managed as well as on the influence of the structures of the academic system on the careers of researchers. This dual perspective on structural and actor-specific characteristics made it possible to obtain information on success or failure to integrate both aspects of life, and to identify the relevant support opportunities.
Temporal Coverage
  • 2015-07-01 / 2015-09-01
    Qualitative Inquiry of the DZHW Study WiNbus 2015
Geographic Coverage
  • Germany (DE)
Sampled Universe
  • Qualitative Inquiry of the DZHW Study WiNbus 2015: Scientific and artistic employees, junior professors, lecturers and assistants as well as assistant professors of special tasks with children, those who were occupied in 2014 at a university or research facility.
Non-probability Sample: Purposive Sample
Time Dimension
  • Cross-section
Collection Mode
  • Face-to-face interview
    Qualitative Inquiry of the DZHW Study WiNbus 2015: The Problem-centered Interview
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  • Unit Type: Individual
    Number of Units: 11
    Number of Variables: 0
    • File Name: win2015_d_1-0-1
  • Unit Type: Individual
    Number of Units: 4
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    • File Name: win2015_c_1-0-1
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    DOI: 10.21249/DZHW:win2015:1.0.0
  • Schürmann, R. & Sembritzki, T. (2017). Wissenschaft und Familie. Analysen zur Vereinbarkeit beruflicher und familialer Anforderungen und Wünsche des wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchses. Hannover: DZHW.

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