Eurobarometer 43.0 + 43.1 (Mar-May 1995)

Resource Type
Dataset : Survey and aggregate data
  • Europäische Kommission
Other Title
  • Drug Abuse and AIDS (Subtitle)
Publication Date
  • European Commission, Brussels; DG X - Information Communication Culture Surveys Research Analyses (Researcher)
  • Marketing Unit, Bruessel (Data Collector)
  • GFK Danmark, Kopenhagen (Data Collector)
  • SAMPLE INSTITUT, Moelln (Data Collector)
  • KEME, Athen (Data Collector)
  • CIMEI, Madrid (Data Collector)
  • TMO Consultants, Paris (Data Collector)
  • Lansdowne Market Research, Dublin (Data Collector)
  • PRAGMA, Rom (Data Collector)
  • ILRES, Luxemburg (Data Collector)
  • NIPO, Amsterdam (Data Collector)
  • NORMA, Lissabon (Data Collector)
  • NOP Corporate & Financial, London (Data Collector)
  • Ulster Marketing Surveys, Nordirland (Data Collector)
  • INRA EUROPE, Bruessel (Internationale Koordination) (Data Collector)
  • ZA:
    • International Institutions, Relations, Conditions
  • CESSDA Topic Classification:
    • Drug abuse, alcohol and smoking
    • Specific diseases and medical conditions
  • Abstract

    Attitudes towards AIDS and drugs. Topics: 1. Drugs: registration of respondent in the election register; classification of drug addiction as problem of maturity, social problem, health problem, moral problem, criminal or economic problem; primary consequences of use of drugs; major reasons for use of drugs; degree of familiarity or personal proximity to selected drugs; classification of these drugs as dangerous to health; age at start of use of drugs; assumed frequency of use of drugs on the street, in schools or universities, at parties, in pubs or discotheques, at concerts, in sport clubs, in leisure centers and on vacation; personal opportunities of access to drugs; potential possibilities of personally obtaining drugs; recommendations on elimination of the drug problem; preferred contact for information about drugs; judgement on danger of medications in comparison with drugs; attitude to permitting urine tests to expose drug users by the police, employers, insurance companies etc. 2. Attitude to AIDS: significance of the topic AIDS (scale); possibilities of infection and risk groups; fear of blood transfusion, blood donations, injections or operations due to risk of AIDS; most important possibilities to contain or eliminate AIDS; judgement on national efforts in these areas and approval of common efforts through the European Union in the fight against AIDS; most important preventive measures for effective protection against AIDS; personal change of sexual practices and social habits from AIDS. 3. Miscellaneous: self-classification on a left-right continuum; religiousness; possession of a telephone. Also encoded were: date of interview; time of start of interview; length of interview; number of persons present during interview; willingness of respondent to cooperate.
Temporal Coverage
  • 1995-03-27 / 1995-05-19
  • 1995-03-27 / 1995-05-05
  • 1995-03-25 / 1995-05-08
  • 1995-03-26 / 1995-05-05
  • 1995-03-27 / 1995-05-05
  • 1995-03-27 / 1995-05-05
  • 1995-03-27 / 1995-05-04
  • 1995-03-23 / 1995-05
    Ireland (Republic)
  • 1995-03-27 / 1995-05-04
  • 1995-03-22 / 1995-05-17
  • 1995-03-24 / 1995-05-18
  • 1995-03-22 / 1995-05-06
  • 1995-03-25 / 1995-05-15
  • 1995-03-27 / 1995-05-16
  • 1995-03-25 / 1995-05-04
    Great Britain
  • 1995-03-23 / 1995-05-11
    Northern Ireland
  • 1995-03 / 1995-05
Geographic Coverage
  • Austria (AT)
  • Belgium (BE)
  • Denmark (DK)
  • Germany (DE)
  • Greece (GR)
  • Spain (ES)
  • France (FR)
  • Ireland (IE)
  • Italy (IT)
  • Luxembourg (LU)
  • Netherlands (NL)
  • Portugal (PT)
  • Sweden (SE)
  • Finland (FI)
  • Great Britain (GB-GBN)
  • Northern Ireland (GB-NIR)
  • Norway (NO)
Sampled Universe
Persons 15 years old and older from Eurobarometer 43.0 and sample of young people between the ages of 15 to 24 years from Eurobarometer 43.1.
Sampling Procedure Comment: Representative sample
Collection Mode
  • Oral survey with standardized questionnaire
Data and File Information
  • Unit Type: Individual
    Number of Units: 19246
    Number of Variables: 220
The data set contains the data from two surveys. These questions are not archived under the original Eurobarometers. They can only be found in this data set. In each country approx. 1000 persons were interviewed with a supplementary youth sample of approx. 200 persons. A cumulated data set of the Eurobarometers (1970-1992) with selected trend questions is archived under ZA Study No. 2533. This dataset merges the responses to identical questions on the topics "drugs" and "alcohol" plus a set of relevant demographics from the Eurobarometer surveys 43.0 (standard sample) and 43.1 (youth oversample). The original question wording is available in the framework of the 43.0 or 43.1 questionnaires.
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Alternative Identifiers
  • ZA2638 (Type: ZA-No.)
  • doi:10.3886/ICPSR06661.v1 (Type: DOI)
  • Internationale Umfrageprogramme (Type: FDZ)
  • Is new version of
    DOI: 10.4232/1.2638
  • INRA (Europe) pour la Commission Européenne: Les Européens et la drogue. Bruxelles, juin 1995 (ISBN/ISSN: 9282760960).

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