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Journalistic Role Performance around the Globe - Switzerland

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  • Beck, Daniel
  • Hänggli, Regula
  • Lauber, Maria
  • Puppis, Manuel
  • Raemy, Patric
Publication Date
  • FORS - Swiss Centre of Expertise in the Social Sciences
  • CESSDA Topics Classification:
    • Information society
    • Public relations
    • International politics and organisations
  • Abstract

    The aim of our project is to explore the role performance of journalists. Journalistshave ideals in form of role conceptions: They see themselves, for instance, either as neutral disseminators, investigators, analysts, promoters or entertainers. However, they are likely to make compromises in their everyday work due to personal, financial, political or other restrictions. As a consequence of these restrictions, role conceptions do not necessarily unfold in media content. Thus, in order to investigate role performance, we connect journalists’ output back to their role conceptions. Therefore a content analysis of newspapers has been performed, based on operationalization models recently developed in journalism studies, in order to reveal references to particular role conceptions in news content. At the same time a standardized online survey has been conducted among the authors of the analyzed articles in order to investigate their own conceptions of their professional role and of their level of autonomy. This combination of methods allows comparisons between the role conceptions as seen by the journalists and the conceptions which are traceable in their articles, i.e. in their role performance. The project concentrates on journalists and their work in Switzerland but is part of a bigger international project (see Researchers in 20 other countries around the globe are in the process of conducting equivalent analyses of their national print media, using the same codebook and questionnaire. Findings from the Swiss study can thus be discussed along with the results from the other participating countries in publications dealing with the international comparison of journalistic role performance. The special situation of Switzerland as a multilingual and multicultural country offers the opportunity for more in-depth analyses about common grounds and differences of journalistic role performance in different cultural entities within the same political system.
Temporal Coverage
  • Present
Geographic Coverage
  • Switzerland (CH)
  • Switzerland, three language regions
Sampled Universe
National newspapers: NZZ (German, quality), Blick (German, tabloid), Le Temps (French, quality), Le Matin (French, tabloid), Corriere del Ticino (Italian, quality); articles written for the national desk in the print version
Other sampling method : 4 constructed weeks in 2 years. The sample comprises all articles provided by the national desk on the selected days in the analyzed newspapers: Sunday, 19th January 2014; Monday, 10th February 2014; Tuesday, 11th March 2014; Wednesday, 9th April 2014; Thursday, 1st May 2014; Friday, 30th May 2014; Saturday, 21st June 2014; Friday, 18th July 2014; Saturday, 16th August 2014; Sunday, 14th September 2014; Monday, 6th October 2014; Tuesday, 4th November 2014; Wednesday, 26th November 2014; Thursday, 25th December 2014; Saturday, 10th January 2015; Sunday, 1st February 2015; Monday, 2th March 2015; Tuesday, 24th March 2015; Wednesday, 22th April 2015; Thursday, 14th May 2015; Friday, 12th June 2015; Sunday, 5th July 2015; Monday, 3rd August 2015; Tuesday, 8th September 2015; Wednesday, 30th September 2015; Thursday, 29th October 2015; Friday, 13th November 2015; Saturday, 12th December 2015. If the paper had no Sunday issue, the issue of the next day (Monday) was coded.
Time Dimension
  • Cross-section
Collection Mode
  • Content coding
1st step: Content analysis of national newspapers: NZZ (German, quality), Blick (German, tabloid), Le Temps (French, quality), Le Matin (French, tabloid), Corriere del Ticino (Italian, quality); 4 constructed weeks in 2014/15, articles provided by the national desk; 2820 Articles. 2nd step: Survey among the authors of the articles analyzed in the content analysis. In total 347 authors, of which 121 have fully participated in the survey.
Academic research and teaching - With prior agreement of author

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Beck, Daniel; Hänggli, Regula; Lauber, Maria; Puppis, Manuel; Raemy, Patric (2019): Die Umsetzung journalistischer Rollenkonzepte in der Schweiz. Version: 1.0.0. FORS - Swiss Center for Expertise in Social Research. Dataset.