Central Credit Responsibility - Firm-Bank Level Data. Extraction: June 2019

Resource Type
  • Banco de Portugal Microdata Research Laboratory (BPLIM)
Publication Date
Publication Place
  • Banco de Portugal - BPLIM
Free Keywords
Firm-Bank; Credit Outstanding; Credit-Granting Institutions; Bank Relationships
Temporal Coverage
  • 1999-01 / 2018-08
Geographic Coverage
  • Portugal (PT)
    CRC reports credit supply by all credit-granting institutions in Portugal. CRC includes mainly firms operating in mainland Portugal and autonomous regions - Azores and Madeira.
Sampled Universe

CRC covers credit portfolios (firm-level) of all credit-granting institutions operating in Portugal, including banks, saving banks, mutual agricultural credit banks, financial credit institutions, leasing companies, factoring companies, securitization companies, mutual guarantee societies, and financial companies for credit acquisitions.


All credit obligations above the reporting threshold are included, regardless if the credit is in good standing or in situations of non-compliance. The mandatory loan registration thresholds have changed over time. The current mandatory loan registration threshold is 50 euros.

Time Dimension
  • Longitudinal
Collection Mode
  • Self-administered questionnaire: Web-based

    The participating entities are obliged to report to the Banco de Portugal their credit balances by the end of each month, thus reflecting the situation of the liabilities of their customers by that date. Banco de Portugal is responsible for centralizing and disseminating the credit information after quality control. The identification of the debtors is cross-checked with other sources, ensuring that the identification exists and is valid.

On-site access only to Internal Researchers. Surrogate access may be possible to externals.
  • Central Credit Responsability - Internal Researchers Manual, Banco de Portugal

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