State Parliament Election in Thuringia 1994

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  • Forschungsgruppe Wahlen, Mannheim
  • Forschungsgruppe Wahlen, Mannheim
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  • USUMA, Berlin (Data Collector)
  • USUMA, Berlin (Data Collector)
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    • Political Attitudes and Behavior
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    Judgment on parties and politicians on the state parliament election in Thuringia. Topics: Most important political problems in Thuringia; intent to participate in the election; intent to use absentee ballot; party preference (first vote and second vote at federal and state level); certainty of one´s voting decision; importance of federal politics in the voting decision; behavior at the polls in the last state parliament election; attitude to a one-party government of the CDU after the state parliament election; coalition preference; attitude to a red-green minority government with toleration of the PDS; sympathy scale for the parties at state as well as federal level and for selected top politicians; satisfaction scale for the state government, opposition parties in the state and the Federal Government in Bonn; knowledge about the top candidates in the state; interest in politics; satisfaction with the decision to introduce political order according to western pattern; preference for prime minister; assessment of the credibility, the closeness with the state ,the ability to achieve and the populism of Bernhard Vogel; judgment on the economic situation of the state and expected further development; ability of an SPD-led state government in comparison with one led by the CDU regarding improvement in the economic situation, the fight against unemployment and the fight against crime; comparison of the economic situation of Thuringia with the other East German states; judgment on one´s own economic situation and its development; perceived continuity of SED and PDS; expected winner of the state parliament election; expected chances for a one-party government of the CDU and chances of the small parties such as FDP, Alliance 90/Greens; assessment of one´s own job security; jeopardy to the job of a close person; union member in household; religiousness; party inclination and party identification.
Temporal Coverage
  • 1994-10-04 / 1994-10-14
  • 1994-10-04 / 1994-10-14
Geographic Coverage
  • Thuringia (DE-TH)
  • Thuringia (DE-TH)
Multi-stage stratified random sample (random route procedure) of the residential population eligible to vote in Thuringia
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  • Number of Variables: 91
  • Number of Variables: 91
The survey took place from 4 until 14 October as well as on the day of the election (4208 respondents). The survey was commissioned by the ZDF (Second German Television Network) and served as basis for the projection and analyses of election results on the evening of the election.
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