Data and Code for: The Macroeconomic Effects of Income and Consumption Tax Changes

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Dataset : administrative records data, aggregate data, program source code
  • Nguyen, Anh Dinh Minh (Bank of Lithuania)
  • Onnis, Luisanna (University of Huddersfield)
  • Rossi, Raffaele (University of Manchester)
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macroeconomics; TAX
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    Code and Data for replicating "The Macroeconomic Effects of Income and Consumption Tax Changes" by Nguyen, Onnis and Rossi. AEJPol-2017-0241

    Abstract: "This paper estimates the effects of exogenous changes in income and consumption taxes. The tax shocks are proxied with a narrative account of tax liability changes in the United Kingdom. Income tax cuts have large effects on GDP, private consumption and investment. The effects of consumption tax cuts are modest and not statistically significant on GDP and its components. Shifting the burden of taxation from income to consumption is expansionary. Consistent with conventional public finance theories, these results indicate that it is crucial to distinguish between direct and indirect taxation when studying the transmission mechanism of fiscal policy."
Temporal Coverage
  • 1973-01-01 / 2009-12-31
    Time Period: Mon Jan 01 00:00:00 EST 1973--Thu Dec 31 00:00:00 EST 2009
Geographic Coverage
  • United Kingdom
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    DOI: 10.3886/E118981V3
  • Nguyen, Onnis, Rossi, Anh D. M. “The Macroeconomic Effects of Income and Consumption Tax Changes.” American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, n.d.

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