Assessing the Roles and Challenges of Librarians in Dental Systematic and Scoping Reviews

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Dataset : survey data
  • Schvaneveldt, Nena (University of Utah)
  • Stellrecht, Elizabeth M. (State University of New York. University at Buffalo)
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systematic reviews; scoping reviews; dentistry
  • Abstract

    This study will determine the scope of experience, roles, and challenges librarians face in dental and oral health systematic and scoping reviews. The study aims to establish the current level of librarian involvement with reviews in this environment. The data obtained will inform outreach efforts to subject researchers as well as identify areas for librarians’ professional development. Based on two recently published articles about health science librarian roles and challenges in systematic and scoping reviews, the authors developed a 16-item survey. The survey was distributed via electronic mailing list to librarians who were likely to have participated in conducting these reviews. After being open for two weeks, the survey was closed and descriptive analysis was performed on the results.
  • Technical Information

    Response Rates: The total number of dental librarians who have participated in systematic and scoping reviews is unknown, therefore the response rate is unknown
Temporal Coverage
  • 2020-01-17 / 2020-01-31
    Collection Date(s): Fri Jan 17 00:00:00 EST 2020--Fri Jan 31 00:00:00 EST 2020
Geographic Coverage
  • Canada
  • USA
  • Europe
Sampled Universe
Information professionals who conduct systematic or scoping reviews in dentistry and/or oral health
Individuals who were likely to have conducted systematic and scoping reviews were contacted via electronic mailing lists: MEDLIB-L, two caucuses of the Medical Library Association (i.e. Dental, Systematic Reviews), the Canada Health Libraries Association Oral Health Interest Group, the American Dental Education Association Evidence Based Dentistry Special Interest Group, and the ExpertSearching electronic mailing list

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