Data and Code for Democracy and Aid Donorship

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  • Budjan, Angelika J. (Heidelberg University)
  • Fuchs, Andreas (University of Goettingen)
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    Democracy and Aid Donorship, Budjan, Angelika J. and Andreas Fuchs, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy.
    AEA Data and Code Repository project ID: 120068

    The replication material consists of four Stata do files, four raw input data files contained in the “inputdata” folder and four regression datasets contained in the “outputdata” folder. Analyses have been performed with Stata version 14.0. Running the master do file (“Democracy and Aid Donorship replication file”) will call the configuration do file (“”), the data cleaning do file (“Prepare”), and the data analysis do file (“Analyse”). The configuration do file creates five new folders: the “ado” folder where necessary ado files are stored; the “outputdata” folder where the generated analysis datasets are stored; the “tables” folder where results tables are stored; the “figures” folder where generated figures are stored and the “tempdata” folder where temporary datasets are stored and which are automatically deleted by the end of the script.

    In order to run the master do file (“Democracy and Aid Donorship replication file”), insert the correct folder path in line 19.

    The data analyses do file (“Analyse”) generates four regression datasets in the “outputdata” folder. We have omitted full raw databases of the “input” data from a number of sources due to copyright reasons (Marshall et al. 2016, Coppedge et al. 2016, Banks and Wilson 2016, Bormann et al. 2017, Feenstra et al. 2015, Harborn and Wallensteen 2012, Palmer et al. 2015; Mayer and Zignano 2011, Correlates of War Project 2011, Bailey et al. 2017, OECD Creditor Reporting System 2019, Tierney et al. 2011, Bjornskov and Rode forthcoming, Freedom House 2016). The do file will thus neither run without error nor produce the complete datasets required for the analysis – which we however provide in their entirety in the “outputdata” folder. The four regression datasets are the following:
    new_donors_MAIN.dta is needed to create Tables 1-3; Figures 2-4 and most tables and figures of the Online Appendix
    new_donors_limited.dta and new_donors_3yaverages.dta are needed to create robustness test of Table B3 in the Online Appendix

    new_donors_sample_firstaid.dta is needed to create robustness tests of Table C2 in the Online Appendix


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