Mental health literacy and stigma: a Swiss survey among students in post-mandatory schools (SYMHLSS)

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  • Dey, Michelle
  • Marti, Laurent
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  • FORS - Swiss Centre of Expertise in the Social Sciences
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    • HEALTH
    • Health behaviour
    • Youth
  • Abstract

    The Swiss Youth Mental Health Literacy and Stigma Survey (SYMHLSS) aimed to study mental health literacy and stigma towards mentally ill people in a representative youth sample. The survey has been adapted from the Australian National Survey of Youth Mental Health Literacy and Stigma. As in the Australian survey, vignettes describing a person with a mental disorder were the core element to which most subsequent survey questions referred. Five vignettes were used in the online-based Swiss survey: 1) depression; 2) alcohol abuse; 3) depression and alcohol abuse combined; 4) schizophrenia, and 5) social anxiety disorder. A representative school-based sample of roughly 5000 students at the upper secondary educational level (voccational schools, high schools) filled out the online questionnaire.
Temporal Coverage
  • October 2017 - June 2018
Geographic Coverage
  • Switzerland (CH)
  • German-speaking part of Switzerland
Time Dimension
  • Cross-section
Collection Mode
  • Self-administered questionnaire: Web-based
Academic research only - With prior agreement of author

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