Living in Switzerland Waves 1-20

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  • Antal, Erika
  • Budowski, Monica
  • Dasoki, Nora
  • Genesi, Roberto
  • Klaas, Hannah Sophie
  • Kuhn, Ursina
  • Lebert, Florence
  • Lipps, Oliver
  • Monsch, Gian-Andrea
  • Rosset, Jan
  • Ryser, Valérie-Anne
  • Scherpenzeel, Annette Clarine
  • Schmid, Flurina
  • Tillmann, Robin
  • Voorpostel, Marieke
  • Weaver, Bryce
  • Wernli, Boris
  • Zimmermann, Erwin
  • Niklowitz, Matthias
  • Portmann, Nicolas
  • Graf, Eric
Publication Date
  • FORS - Swiss Centre of Expertise in the Social Sciences
  • Abstract

    Collecting data on households and individuals since 1999, the Swiss Household Panel (SHP) is an ongoing, unique, large-scale, nationally representative, longitudinal study in Switzerland. The data of the SHP provide a rich source of information to study social change in Switzerland over a significant period on a wide variety of topics. The SHP aims to provide both continuity and innovation in measurement and data collection, with the combination of retrospective and prospective longitudinal data in the most recent refreshment sample as one notable example of such an innovation.
Temporal Coverage
  • 1999-
Geographic Coverage
  • Switzerland (CH)
  • Switzerland
Sampled Universe
Private households representing the non-institutional resident population in Switzerland.
Time Dimension
  • Longitudinal
Collection Mode
  • Telephone interview (CATI, etc.)
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