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Parental Beliefs about Returns to Different Types of Investments in School Children

Resource Type
Dataset : survey data
  • Attanasio, Orazio (Yale University)
  • Boneva, Teodora (University of Zurich)
  • Rauh, Christopher (University of Cambridge)
Publication Date
Funding Reference
  • Nuffield Foundation
    • Award Number: EDU/42718
Free Keywords
Survey; Parents; England
  • Abstract

    Title: Parental beliefs about returns to different types of investments in school children

    Accepted for publication at: Journal of Human Resources
    Using a representative sample of 1,962 parents in England, we study how parents perceive the returns to parental time investments, material investments and school quality. Parents perceive the returns to 3h of weekly time investments or £30 of weekly material investments to matter more than moving a child to a better school. Material investments are perceived as more productive if children attend higher quality schools. Perceived returns do not differ with the child’s initial human capital or gender, and they are highly correlated with actual investment decisions.
    Replication files:We provide the survey data as well as replication files for this study.

  • Weighting

    Provided as part of the data file. See description in journal article.
  • Methods

    Presence of Common Scales: See description in journal article.
Temporal Coverage
  • 2016-10-01 / 2016-11-30
    Collection Date(s): Sat Oct 01 00:00:00 EDT 2016--Wed Nov 30 00:00:00 EST 2016 (Oct-Nov 2016)
Geographic Coverage
  • United Kingdom
Sampled Universe
Parents of 5-16 year old children living in England
. Smallest Geographic Unit: Region
The sample was selected to be representative in terms of region in England, the gender and education level of the responding parent, as well as the age and gender of the respondent’s child. The survey company used quota-based sampling when contacting parents to participate. See further information in journal article.

Collection Mode
  • web-based survey;

This study is freely available to the general public via web download.
  • Has version
    DOI: 10.3886/E120521V1
  • Attanasio, Orazio, Teodora Boneva, and Christopher Rauh. “Parental Beliefs about Returns to Different Types of Investments in School Children.” Journal of Human Resources, n.d.

Update Metadata: 2020-08-04 | Issue Number: 1 | Registration Date: 2020-08-04

Attanasio, Orazio; Boneva, Teodora; Rauh, Christopher (2020): Parental Beliefs about Returns to Different Types of Investments in School Children. Version: V0. ICPSR - Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research. Dataset.