German Monetary Statistics (Data on Monetary Policy of the German Reichsbank), 1925 – 1934.

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  • James, Harold
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    Central topic of the study “The Reichsbank and Public Finance in Germany 1924 – 1933. A Study of the Politics of Economics during the Great Depression“, is the German Reichsbank’s monetary policy in the period from 1924 to 1933. The author, who supports the “revisionist” direction of the researcher Borchardt, identifies the expanding monetary policy of the United States as main reason for Germany’s inflationary symtoms in the second half of the nineteen-twenties. The foreign – mainly American – bonds, connected with the Daws-Agreement of 1924, affected and determined the spending policy of the state. The German Reichsbank had only restricted influence on this development. According to James the Reichsbank conducted a strong and rigid deflation policy under the leadership of the Reichsbank-President Hans Luther during the period of the great crisis. Instead, there has been a remarkable expansion of credits since summer 1931 and after the start of the reparations moratorium, aimed mainly at the promotion of certain private investments and less at job creation programs. In this context the so called “Russian businesses”, i.e. the crediting of export orders from the Soviet Union, have been the most important credit item. In the framework of the Russian businesses 150.000 more jobs had been created and some companies had been kept from closure. Datatables in HISTAT (Topic: Geld (= Money and Currency, Financial Sector)): Information on the new version: Version 2.0.0: Revision date : 01.01.2013. Table section A: - Change of Table numbering from old version (1.a; 1.b; and 2.0) into A.01.01; A.01.02 and A.02. - Data description of the A-Tables: In case for the German language study-offer the Titles and Variables have been translated into German with mentioning the English Version in brackets. Table section B: Completely new entered part B; Information: Datatable B.03 is not included into the download-database histat – cross-sectional data, B.03 can be ordered via e-mail (
Temporal Coverage
  • 1925 / 1934
Geographic Coverage
  • German Reich (1871-1945) (DXDE)
Collection Mode
  • Sources: Data of the Federal Archive in Coblenz (BAK; Nachlass Hans Luther, Nr. 358, Reichsbank 1931-1933) and Data on financial statistics from official publications (Statistical Yearbooks of the German Empire = Statistisches Jahrbuch für das Deutsche Reich; Wirtschaft und Statistik; Zeitschrift „Die Bank“)
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  • ZA8438 (Type: ZA-No.)
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    DOI: 10.4232/1.10298
  • James, Harold, 1985: German Monetary Statistics 1925 – 1934, in: James, H., 1985: The Reichsbank and Public Finance in Germany 1924 – 1933. A Study of the Politics of Economics during the Great Depression” Frankfurt/Main: Fritz Knapp Verlag, S. 357 – 370.

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