P-PTGI scale

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  • Walsh, Deirdre (Dublin City University)
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  • National University of Ireland, Galway
    • Award Number: n/a
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    This study developed a measure of physical post traumatic growth (physical post traumatic growth inventory; P-PTGI) in men with prostate cancer.
    A pool of items was created from themes identified in a qualitative study. A quantitative study was then conducted to assess the psychometric properties of the P-PTGI in a sample of 693 prostate cancer survivors.
    Tests of dimensionality revealed that the 20-item P-PTGI contained two factors: Health Autonomy and Health Awareness. Results demonstrated that scale score reliability for the P-PTGI and its subscales was excellent. In support of the scale’s convergent validity, scores on the P-PTGI correlated positively with mindfulness and quality of life, and correlated negatively with depression and anxiety. A statistically significant correlation between the P-PTGI and another robust indicator of post traumatic growth attests to its concurrent validity.
    While further investigation of the P-PTGI’s psychometric properties is required, preliminary findings are promising.
This study is freely available to the general public via web download.

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