Statistical Information System GeroStat

Resource Type
Collection : Collection of datasets, Database
  • Deutsches Zentrum für Altersfragen, DZA
Publication Date
  • ZA:
    • Economic Policy, National Economic Situation
    • Work and Industry
    • Income
    • Society, Culture
    • Family
    • Leisure
Controlled Keywords
  • TheSozWiss:
    • population
    • old age
    • aging
    • elderly
    • elderly worker
    • gainful employment
    • household income
    • household size
    • income
    • social security
    • pension
    • retiree
    • family
    • social relations
    • retirement
    • health
    • residential behavior
    • well-being
    • satisfaction
    • mortality
    • illness
  • Abstract

    GeroStat – Statistics online was an online information system with both statistical data and additional contextual information.

    It was a collection of data from several sources related to gerontological and demographic subjects and offered:

    • fine graded age-specific criteria even for older age-groups
    • longtime series
    • user guided data selection
    • integrated statistical data calculations
    • printable results
    • data export functions.

    The following indicators were available:

    • Demographic characteristics and age-specific ratios
    • Health status
    • Mortality: deaths and life expectancy
    • Social-economic characteristics: employment status, household structure, income
    • Social security: Insurance cover, retirement provision, provision for old age
    • Living conditions of people in the second half of their lives: German Ageing Survey, DEAS (in german only)
    • Voluntary activities of person: The German Survey on Volunteering, FWS (in german only).
Geographic Coverage
  • Germany (DE)
Time Dimension
  • Time Series: Continuous
    Time series with different monitoring start dates, part of which since 1952.
    annual updates of the time series
Collection Mode
  • Other
  • Collection of primary data of the official statistics and the empiric social research (DEAS)
Not available
GeroStat is not available anymore (since November 2020).
No commercial use. The copyright and all rights to the system of information GeroStat are owned by the German Center of Gerontology.

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