Old-Age Insurance in Germany 2011 (ASID ´11)

Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales ; TNS Infratest Sozialforschung, München
Detailed information on the income situation and pensions (25 different types of income). Topics: financial security in old age; concerns of elderly people; number and nomination of income earners; household net income (classified); residential status; living space in square m...
published 2017-04-13, Version 1.0.0

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Old-Age Insurance in Germany 2011 (ASID ´11)

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TNS Infratest Sozialforschung, München



Sampled Universe
Men and single women aged 55 up to 79 years, including the institutional population and the foreign population
Sampling Procedure Comment: Probability Sample: Multistage Sample Taking into account the population aged 80 and over by updating the data of ASID ´07.

Collection Mode

  • Mixed-mode method Self-administered questionnaire: Paper Face-to-face interview Telephone interview: CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview)

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  • Number of Variables: 765



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    Detailed information on the income situation and pensions (25 different types of income). Topics: financial security in old age; concerns of elderly people; number and nomination of income earners; household net income (classified); residential status; living space in square meters; year of construction of residential building (classified); residential status of wife; amount of monthly housing costs for tenants; housing costs for owners; mortgage payments by owner; costs of institutional care; marital status; year of marriage, widowhood or divorce; year of birth; purchase of own GRV pension or pension; pension start year; years of insurance or pensionable years of service. Pension: GRV pension, also for child rearing periods; pension of widower of the GRV pension; occupational retirement provision; supplementary pension scheme of the public service; gross civil service pension; net civil service pension; agricultural retirement insurance; professional care for former freelancers; accident insurance of the professional association; war reparation and compensation; other pension; gross earned income; net income from employment; additional income from secondary activity; unemployment benefit (Arbeitslosengeld I); health insurance (or long-term care allowance) from the health insurance fund; remuneration of long-term care insurance for the care of persons. Household income: housing allowance; unemployment benefit (Arbeitslosengeld II); basic income in old age and in times of reduction in earning capacity; help for living; help with nursing care; old-age (cash amount) to former farmers and self-employed persons; regular access to private support; income from letting and leasing; child benefit; interest from savings and leasing; other regular income; use of savings account for living; one-time benefits already received from an old-age pension; future retirement or pension; school-leaving qualification; Vocational training; start of employment; end of employment; partial retirement with salary from the employer; duration of the activity in the main profession in years; number of working years; occupational position and years of employment with the last employer; sector of employment; grades of officials and employees in the public service; company size; type of health insurance; amount of the contribution to private health insurance per month; purchase of care insurance and care benefits; amount of the maintenance insurance per month; Germany as a country of birth or migrated; year of immigration to Germany; number of children of wife; year of birth of children; child benefit; wishes to improve the living conditions of elderly people; highest professional qualifications; occupational position; types of income. Demography: marital status; sex; East / West identification; age (in years and classified). Additionally coded was: reference year; return number; record type; survey person; target person; Extrapolation factor; survey area (old / new countries); data collection from ASID surveys.


Further information on the survey series is available on the homepage of the survey (www.alterssicherung-in-deutschland.de), including a table viewer for the convenient use of the tables.


Temporal Coverage

  • 2010-08 / 2011-04

Geographic Coverage

  • Germany (DE)


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  • ZA6795 (Type: ZA-No.)


  • Heien, Thorsten: Zuwanderung und Alterssicherung : Einkommen älterer Personen mit und ohne Migrationshintergrund. In: Deutsche Rentenversicherung Jg. 70, 2015, Nr. 1, S. 1-21 : Anm., Tab., Diagr., Lit., Abb. (2015)
  • Heien, Thorsten: Alterssicherung in Deutschland 2011. München: TNS Sozialforschung, Forschungsbericht, 2013

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