Price indices for new construction, and building land prices. German Empire 1913 to 1944, and Federal Republic of Germany 1958 to 2005.

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Dataset : Survey and aggregate data
  • Sensch, Jürgen
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    • Historical Studies Data
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    The data compilation provides a review on the calculation of changing construction prices for the Federal Republic of Germany until 2005, categorized by the construction types. The statistics on construction prices has been introduced 1958 with the aim to determine the changes of the prices and in addition to reflect statistically the dynamics of prices of important building types. The development of construction prices is an important part of the producer price statistics. Similar to other producer price indexes the calculations’ basis on construction costs are two different requirements of the needed data: a) measurement of price trends for selected service items of construction, that is the price collection of concrete construction works, b) summary of individual measures on representative service items by weighting them with the structure of the works by building types (weighting scheme). Data tables in HISTAT: A.01a Price index on residential building: building work at the building, pure construction costs (1913-2005) A.01b Replacement values of buildings constructed in the period 1913/1914, incl. sales tax / value added tax (1913-2005) A.02 Price index of new buildings and maintenance, prices of construction land (1958-2005) A.03 Price indices of single family houses in prefabricated and conventional construction (1968-2005) A.04a Prices of constuction land: building areas in total (1962-1999) A.04b Purchase value of construction land: building areas in total (1962-2005)
Temporal Coverage
  • 1913 / 2005
Geographic Coverage
  • German Reich (1871-1945) (DXDE)
  • Germany (DE)
Collection Mode
  • Sources: Publication of the official statistics with results of the Statistics on Building Costs (priceindices of buildings) and values of construction land, Editor: Federal Statistical Office, Wiesbaden. Publications: Statstical Yearbooks of the Federal Republic of Germany; selected special volumes. (Statistisches Bundesamt Wiesbaden (Hrsg.): Statistische Jahrbücher für die Bundesrepublik Deutschland; ausgewählte Fachserien).
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  • Unit Type: Text Unit
    Number of Units: 78
    Number of Variables: 178
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  • ZA8397 (Type: ZA-No.)
  • Sensch, Jürgen, 2010: Preisindizes für Neubau und Instandhaltung sowie Baulandpreise. Reichsgebiet 1913-1944, Bundesrepublik Deutschland 1950 – 2005. GESIS - Datenkompilation. [Siehe auch die Angaben zu den verwendeten Quellen in der Zeile ‚Quelle’ der Datentabellen.]

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