From DOI to dataset

From DOI to dataset

What is meant by DOI resolution?


DOI resolution is made possible by the Handle system technology developed by CNRI . Simply enter the text string , followed by the DOI name in the address bar of a preferred browser. 

An example : A DOI name of the form  10.4232/1.10059  would be resolved from the address:  "".

To make it easier for users to access an object linked with a DOI, DataCite offers a so-called Resolver (Handle System Proxy) which offers fast and easy resolution of a DOI name.

A DOI name resolves to the stored metadata information. The actual dataset can be reached with just a click. Access to the dataset will be determined by the present conditions of the storage location. The intended goal is to gain direct access to the dataset with the next click. However, the insertion of a so-called "landing page" is often necessary. Within DataCite it is Best Practice to resolve a DOI name to a corresponding landing page. 


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