Why do I need a DOI?

Why do I need a DOI?

There are three main benefits to participating in the DOI system: 

  • Permanent, persistent identification: Each DOI uniquely, unequivocally and permanently identifies the assigned object.
  • Availability of information on the web: Via the Handle System, each DOI refers to one or more webpages assigned by the publication agent.
  • Semantic Interoperability: The metadata associated with a DOI enables direct, precise communicating – with each user, from every location, at every point in the production/distribution chain – with regard to every detail of the objects related with one another.



Benefits of a persistent identifier for research data


  • Facilitated access

  • Simple citation

  • Visibility of research

  • Proof of impact (citationrate)

  • Traceability of research

  • Support for secondary analysis

  • Visibility for data providers