Test da|ra 4.0

Test da|ra 4.0

From 18 September until 15 November 2017 there will be the testing phase of the da|ra Metadata Schema 4.0.

The test environment is available at: https://labs.da-ra.de/dara/mydara/index?lang=en

To obtain a user account please contact us.

Please find below the documentation of the new schema, the schema file, XML examples as well as the API reference:

First Draft da|ra Metadata Schema, Version 4.0. Documentation (pdf)


XSD and Controlled Vocabulary (CV) XSDs

xsd schema file da|ra 4.0xsd
CV language (ISO 639-1)xsd
CV resourceTypexsd
CV titleTypexsd
CV resourceLanguage (ISO 639-3)xsd
CV availabilityControlledxsd
CV licenseControlledxsd
CV contributorTypexsd
CV unitTypexsd
CV timeDimensionControlledxsd
CV collectionModeControlledxsd
CV schemaIdentifierTypexsd
CV geographicCoverageControlledxsd
CV schema (classificationInternal)xsd
CV descriptionTypexsd
CV schema (controlledKeyword)xsd
CV relationTypexsd
CV pidTypexsd
CV documentTypexsd

XML examples

xml example: Audiovisual xml
xml example: Collection xml
xml example: Dataset xml
xml example: Eventxml
xml example: Image xml
xml example: InteractiveResource xml
xml example: Modelxml
xml example: PhysicalObjectxml
xml example: Service xml
xml example: Softwarexml
xml example: Soundxml
xml example: Textxml
xml example: Workflowxml

Prior versions of the da|ra metadata schema can be found at the archive.

The white list of characters describes elements with limitations.


da|ra labs web service (API)

The da|ra labs web service (API) enables you to test the new metadata schema automatically.

Please mind the description of the da|ra metadata schema version 4.0 including the xsd schema file above.