Auffinden - Zitieren - Dokumentieren

Vlaeminck, Sven; Toepfer, Ralf; Tochtermann, Klaus; Hausstein, Brigitte; Sure-Vetter, York et. al. (2015): Auffinden - Zitieren - Dokumentieren. Forschungsdaten in den Sozial- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften. Version: 2.0. GESIS Leibniz-Institut für Sozialwissenschaften. Text.

The Guide "Location – Citation - Documentation: Research Data in the Social Sciences" picks up some fundamental aspects of the use of research data, and it is geared to the rules of good scientific practice (DFG, 2013). The aim is to support both young scientists and established scientists when dealing with research data.

Certainly, this guide does not give answers to all the questions that exist in this context, but it provides useful information to the elementary ones. Firstly, this guide serves the researchers to find suitable research data for their own empirical studies. Besides it provides an overview of relevant sources of such data. Secondly, indications are given how to cite research data correctly and what to consider when citing. Thirdly, recommendations were designed for a meaningful documentation of one’s own data collection.

Language of resource: German