RFII Workshop report "Datentreuhänder: Potenziale, Erwartungen, Umsetzung"

An RfII working group discussed the challenges and opportunities of establishing data trusts with external experts at a workshop in September 2020 on data trusteeship. The results have just been published online in a workshop report (in Geramn only).
As to the background: In April 2020, the Council for Information Infrastructures (RfII) reacted to the current discourse on the establishment of data trusteeships in a statement entitled DATA TRUST OFFICES SHAPE - ON SCIENTIFIC EXPERIENCES. The RfII interprets data trusteeships as infrastructures of a new type. Based on experiences with concepts of data sharing in science, the statement identifies some associated potentials, but also needs for discussion. These concern, among other things, requirements for the performance of trusteeship, the scope of tasks, and appropriate quality assurance. The data trusteeship working group of the RfII, which has been working intensively on the topic for a year, subsequently organized a workshop with the aim of initiating an intersectoral exchange. The workshop was held as a video conference on September 25, 2020. Under the title "Data Trusteeship: Potentials, Expectations, Implementation," 15 invited experts discussed with RfII members the challenges and opportunities that can be associated with the establishment of data trustees.The workshop was also intended to take a look at sector-specific challenges of data sharing, particularly with regard to mobility, medical and corporate data, in order to exchange views on the need for data trustee solutions and possible approaches to institutionalization. In her introduction, Marit Hansen, German State Commissioner for Data Protection, referred to the need for data trustee solutions.