Implementation of annotations for all resource types in da|ra is a collaborative, community effort aiming to increase the interoperability of computer systems by creating, maintaining, and promoting schemas for structured data on the Internet. On the Web, the vocabulary allows the structured annotation of different entity types such a people, products and events. In da|ra, we have been using to annotate all dataset type records in order to increase their findability. These efforts led to the availability of da|ra datasets records in Google Dataset Search (e.g. Joint EVS/WVS 2017-2021 Dataset (Joint EVS/WVS))
Now, we are moving forward and introducing annotations for all other resource types in da|ra. Although the annotations are meant to be automatically processed, we make them also available for download as JSON-LD files for manual inspection (e.g. Joint EVS/WVS 2017-2021 Dataset (Joint EVS/WVS)).