German publication by Harzenetter, Pegelow, & Weisbrod: Forschungsdaten sichtbar machen: Der VerbundFDB-Harvester

The productive diversity of data types in interdisciplinary and multimethod educational research have bred a strong heterogeneity in data description. This is particularly detrimental to research data retrievability, which makes it difficult to reuse. One goal of the German Network of Educational Research Data (VerbundFDB) is to increase the data visibility via the VerbundFDB portal and to make research data from various research data centers (FDZ) available in a central location. For this purpose, the VerbundFDB has developed a common metadata standard for the description of studies, which is strongly oriented towards the needs of the educational research community. This low-threshold service for metadata integration has been available to all da|ra users since mid-2020, and is already being used by several data centers.

Harzenetter, Karoline; Pegelow, Lisa und Weisbrod, Dirk (2021): Forschungsdaten sichtbar machen: Der VerbundFDB-Harvester. RatSWD Working Paper 275/2021. Berlin, Rat für Sozial- und Wirtschaftsdaten (RatSWD).