re3data publications "Stakeholder Survey and Workshop Report" & "Conceptual Model for User Stories"

Since 2012, re3data has been a relevant part of the open science service landscape. The registry provides substantial information about research data repositories (RDR) directly for researchers. To adapt re3data and its metadata to the current needs of involved stakeholders the re3data COREF project conducted a stakeholder survey and held a series of workshops at the end of 2020. The results and findings of the survey, presentations, and discussions are documented and have been published in the "re3data Stakeholder Survey and Workshop Report". This report represents the basis of the "Conceptual Model for User Stories". Both publications are important milestones within the re3data COREF project. The model describes the history, governance, and current technical infrastructure of re3data. The results of the report were consulted in restructuring the model’s main section concerning target groups and user stories.

Weisweiler, N. L., Bertelmann, R., Cousijn, H., et al. (2021): re3data Stakeholder Survey and Workshop Report, re3data, 222 p.

Vierkant, P., Bertelmann, R., Cousijn, H., et al. (2021): re3data Conceptual Model for User Stories. Version 1.0, re3data, 10 p.