RatSWD Working Paper about Research Data Centres (in German)

The RatSWD is pleased to announce its Working Paper 280/2022 which is dedicated the question how to start a Research Data Centre (RDC). Accessibility of research data is currently a central topic of science policy. The German government, for example, recommends in its data strategy, among other measures, the reinforcement of research data centers (RDC).

Buck, D., Croisier, J., Eder, C., Hoffstätter, U., Jansen, M., Meyermann, A., & Pascal Siegers (2022). Handreichung: Forschungsdatenzentren gründen. RatSWD Working Paper 280/2022. Berlin, Rat für Sozial- und Wirtschaftsdaten (RatSWD). doi.org/10.17620/02671.70